Monday, July 20, 2009

"Above/Below II" by Patricia Carrigan

Presently, in the Marie Louise Trichet Gallery are works which comprise the second of our three retrospectives to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the gallery. Each of the artists have had a solo show in the gallery since it opened in April, 1994. In the upcoming weeks, we will feature on our blog one of the pieces in the show and a brief reflection by the artist who created it.

Gallery hours are Monday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm. The present show will run until August 22, 2009.
The predominant focus of Patricia's studio work is on heritage and how we pass on our memories and stories from generation to generation. Most recently she has begun a new series based upon the landscape of North May which is rich in ancient ruins, folklore and breath-taking landscape.
She said," While visiting one of the ancient Holy Wells in Ireland, I realized that it requires some blind faith, a bit of belief that there is something larger than us, something connected to a greater and deeper place.These springs are believed to hold pure waters constantly rising and surging to the surface, a sacred source to be drawn upon for its potential healing.These waters renew and nourish those who come to drink and collect it. The power within the land runs deeply and is vast and endless."