Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wisdom House Staff: Madelyn Tanski

Madelyn Tanski serves as receptionist, book store coordinator, bulk mailing volunteer organizer--and she offers many other support services that vary with each day. Madelyn has a skill for multi-tasking and does it well!

She says, "I especially enjoy the many contacts I make by phone, or in person, which give me the opportunity to promote the mission of Wisdom House, while at the same time enriching my own personal life." Madelyn has been enriching our mission and our lives since 1998.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Women and Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America

Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America is coming to Ellis Island, the port of entry for thousands of immigrants and the Catholic sisters who came to our country to serve them. This traveling exhibit, sponsored by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) will be housed at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, Statue of Liberty National Monument from September 23, 2010 to January 22, 2011.

Women & Spirit reveals the mystery behind a small group of innovative American women – Catholic Sisters – who helped shape the nation’s social and cultural landscape. Even at a time when women didn’t have the right to vote, these pioneering leaders in their communities helped build American’s schools, hospitals, orphanages, and colleges. In ways both creative and compelling, the Women & Spirit exhibit illustrates the enormous impact the lives of these remarkable women have had on both our church and our nation’s history, and invites all to discover a world few have seen but millions have shared.

Visit the website here.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wisdom House Staff: Peg Falk

Peg Falk has been on the staff of Wisdom House as secretary since 1991. She has adjusted to the changing dimensions of her position with grace and equanimity. Not small among these has been her adaptation to the changing technology that is a natural part of her work here. She has "graduated" from manual typewriter, to electric typewriter, to computer! Peg says, "Wisdom House has always been a special place for me. The diversity of my duties makes my job very interesting and fulfilling." We're grateful for her professionalism and flexibility!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wisdom House is Wreathed in Welcome, thanks to Theresa Dunlop of Hogan's Cider Mill

Theresa Dunlop hangs two blueberry branch wreathes with ribbon decorations to give a "welcome" touch to the covered porch at Wisdom House.

Theresa and her husband, Chet, own Hogan's Cider Mill and the Burlington Golf Center in Burlington, CT. It's worth a visit to meet them and see and savor some of their fruits of the earth.Visit their websites here and here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rich Answers: Mother Mary Jennifer Carroll, DM, Discuss a Unique New Housing Project

Sister Rosemarie Greco, DW (left) and Mother Mary Jennifer Carroll, DM (right) prepare for an interview on WRCH-FM for the Conference of Churches. Mother Jennifer is the coordinator of a unique $14 million housing project in New Britain, CT and was featured on the front page of the Hartford Business Journal as well as other area newspapers. The project is the conversion of the motherhouse of the Daughters of Mary into affordable HUD housing for senior citizens.

Mother Mary Jennifer Carroll is the superior general of the congregation of the Daughters of Mary. The sisters aren't building a retirement home for themselves - with this project they are able to continue to serve many people. The renovation known as Marian Heights will open in a few months.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bats: To Know Them is to Love Them

Gerri Griswold, Director of Administration and Development at The White Memorial Conservation Center in Litcfield gave a program on "Bats and the Environment" recently at Wisdom House. Gerri Griswold, Director of Administration and Development at The White Memorial Conservation Center in Litcfield gave a program on "Bats and the Environment" recently at Wisdom House. Participants learned about the crucial role bats play in the balance of our ecosystem. Ms. Griswold is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the State of Connecticut with a special emphasis on bats. Participants met "Theo," one of Ms. Griswold's bats, in the course of the program.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Traditional Hooking Association Holds Workshop at Wisdom House

The Artists Traditional Hooking Association recently held their workshop at Wisdom House.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of QUEST

Recently, Sr.Rosemarie Greco, DW and Sr. Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP attended a luncheon to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of QUEST, a Scripture reflection booklet, which is an outreach of the Office of Small Christian Communities of the Archdiocese of Hartford. The luncheon was held at St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield, CT. For close to 20 years, Sisters Rosemarie and Jo-Ann have
been part of writing design teams for the booklet. Attached are some photos of others attending the event. For further information about Small Christian Communities or about the Quest scripture reflection booklets, visit: or contact Brother Bob Moriarty, Director at

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rich Answers: Fr. Gallagher on Parish Outreach

Sr. Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP interviewed Franciscan Father Thomas Gallagher for the radio show, "Rich Answers" sponsored by the Conference of Churches, Hartford. Father Gallagher is the pastor at St.Patrick-St.Anthony Church in Hartford. The interviewed covered the various ministries and outreach programs in the parish. The program airs on Sunday morning at 5:30 am on WRCH 100.5 FM.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paul Winter at Wisdom House

Grammy Award Winner Paul Winter gave a concert as part of the Sound and Music Alliance Symposium (SAMA) held at Wisdom House in April 2010. Paul Winter was given a Luminary Award by SAMA for his vision of a musical-ecological community and his "Earth Music." Learn more about Paul Winter here.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Apostolic Visitors Invite Reflection on Quality of Life, Mission

Cardinal Franc Rode of the Vatican Office for Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life called for visitation of American nuns to assess the quality of their lives and ministries. The visit for the Daughters of Wisdom took place during the week of April 25. The visiting team members were Sister Ann Casper, SP (left rear) and Sister Mary Grace Walsh, ASCJ (right rear).

Sister Rosemarie Greco,DW and Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP of Wisdom House, pictured here, met with the visiting team to share the ministry goals of the retreat center.

Members of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission met with the Apostolic Visitors. A fruitful discussion among all presented the centrality of the mission of justice and spirituality in the work of the Daughters of Wisdom. This included a presentation on the trafficking of women and children, environmental actions, political advocacy for those who are poor, justice education in nursing courses, United Nations NGO work for women and sustainability concerns and much more!

Pictured here, rear left to right are: Sisters Agnes Bracken,DW (NY), Rosemary McKenna, DW (NY), Visitation team member Mary Grace Walsh (CT), Margaret McCabe, DW (VA), Veronica McCormick, DW (NY), Rosemarie Greco, DW (CT); seated left to right are Marilyn T. Lieber, DW (VA) and Visitation team member Ann Casper, SP (IN).