Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letting Go When we are Let Go

In this season of autumn, we give thanks because the earth yields its harvest and surrounds us with abundance. As the plants surrender their fruits, providing a feast for us humans, the plants themselves become barren and they surrender to the winter season.

Creation itself is letting go of its fruit. It has completed another cycle of its life and says that we, too, will have to experience the naturalness of letting go and of not clinging to things.

In our society these days, we find that in many cases it is people who are being let go from jobgs that are so essential for their survival. It is one thing for us to let go of something we have clung to, but when we are being let go of and abruptly cut off from a source of life, the pain feels insurmountable.

Jesus says that if you love your life for His sake, you will find it. Let us pray during this season of abundance that we might use God’s gifts with care. Let us also act, offering life and support to those who have been let go, that they might soon find new life.

Rosemarie Greco, DW