Sunday, August 21, 2011

Associate of Sisters of Mercy

Elaine Driscoll, Associate of the Sisters of Mercy, is interviewed by
Sister Rosemarie Greco, DW for "Rich Answers" on WRCH radio.

Elaine spoke about her joy in being an associate of the Sisters of Mercy and how the formation program added to her spiritual growth and participation in the mission of the Sisters. Each associate contributes to the mission of Mercy according to her own talents and time. The association with the sisters and with others creates a mission focus and community experience. There are more than 3,100 Mercy Associates throughout the Americas.  Their mission is to help people overcome obstacles that keep them from living full and dignified lives.

For information about the Associates of Mercy, visit: and click on 'Mercy Associates.'   Rich Answers is a service of the Conference of Churches.