Thursday, August 4, 2011

Labyrinth Interview with Marie Ford

Marie Ford is interviewed by Sister Rosemarie Greco, DW for radio WRCH / 100.5FM. The program, "Rich Answers," is a service of the Conference of Churches, Hartford, CT.

This interview considers the Labyrinth as a meditation garden. Marie says that the labyrinth is a symbol of life's journey. "I see the twists and turns as those parts of my life that took me in a direction I hadn't anticipated. The turning points could have been resisted but by trusting the turn and the new direction, the path took me to a place I never expected. By approaching these turns with a positive energy and trusting attitude, I found that life itself unfolded in a peaceful and positive manner."

The labyrinth at Wisdom House was featured in the April-May 2011 issue of Country and Abroad Magazine. The public is welcome to walk the labyrinth at Wisdom House.