Friday, September 30, 2011

Wisdom Homily

Following is an unedited homily submitted to “Faith Catholic,” Michigan. It is based on these scripture readings used in the liturgy of the Catholic Church:
1)  Wisdom 7:22b-8:1
2)  Luke 17:20-25                         

            What is Wisdom?  We can try to describe Wisdom from observing people we know to be wise.  People who make decisions that require deep discernment are said to be wise; people with good judgment or learning are also said to be wise.  In today's scripture from the Book of Wisdom, we are given an inspired teaching about Wisdom – not Wisdom as a "thing," but Wisdom as Divinity itself.  We ask not "what" is Wisdom but "who" is Wisdom.  The scripture answers us.

The section from the Book of Wisdom in this text is a very important revelation in view of our understanding of the world, the universe and all living beings.  Wisdom is a spirit who pervades all things and penetrates all that exists.  Wisdom is a reflection of God and image of God's goodness.  Wisdom is one with God and is identified with God.  The spirit of Wisdom is a godly spirit and exists in everything that God created through Wisdom. 

What this is saying is very humbling for us.  The divine life of God, from the first moment of creation, has been infused into all life.  Whether we consider the life of the universe, the vast cosmos, our planet, plant life, animal and human life, we have to accept the reality that the spirit of Wisdom and the life of God are in everything and everyone.  Pope Benedict XVI, in his Easter vigil homily, earlier this year (2011), reminded us of the Creed, "We believe in God…Creator of heaven and earth."  "If we omit the beginning of the Credo, the whole history of salvation becomes too limited and too small.  The church brings us into contact with God and thus with the source of all things.  Therefore we relate to God as creator and so we have a responsibility for creation.  Our responsibility extends as far as creation because it comes from the Creator."  As scripture says, "Wisdom penetrates and pervades all things…"  We need to open our eyes to see the living presence of Wisdom, of God, in everything.

The Gospel confirms that we need new eyes to be able to see God's presence, God's kingdom all around us.  "No one is going to announce, Look, here is the [Kingdom] or there it is.  For behold, the Kingdom of God is among you."  We are cautioned again:  "Do not go off, do not run in pursuit" – The Kingdom of God is in our midst.  May God's Divine Wisdom fill us, opening our eyes and hearts to perceive the living Wisdom God in our midst.  May God give us the conviction to take responsibility and care for the life of all that God has created.         

Rosemarie Greco, DW