Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Women Mystics

We are struck by the similarity of spirituality of two women mystics:  Julian of Norwich, 14th century England, and Edwina Gateley, 21st century United States.

Julian’s feast is celebrated on May 8.

“I saw that our Lord was never angry, and never will be.  Our Lord is God and is good, is truth, is love, is peace.  God’s power, wisdom, charity, and unity do not allow God to be angry….  God is that goodness which cannot be angry for God is nothing but goodness.  I saw no anger in God.”

~ from The Showings, Julian of Norwich, Translation by Edmund Colledge, OSA and James Walsh, SJ, 1978, Paulist Press, Ramsey, NJ

Edwina Gateley

“I came to know with great certainty that God longs to comfort and assure us that, no matter what we have done, where we have been,  or even how we have lived – we will never be abandoned or excluded from God’s embrace.” 

~ from In God’s Womb: A Spiritual Memoir, Edwina Gateley, 2009, Orbis Books, NY – also available through Wisdom House /