Friday, September 20, 2013

The Beguines: In Their Own Words - A Reflection

After attending the close reading of the Beguines with Elizabeth Dreyer, PhD, what surprised me is how Mechthild of Magdeburg, who wrote in the 12th century,  touched what I'm going through here in the 21st century.

Her writings spoke of her desire to please and also to share herself by entering into a dialogue with her soul. At another time, she describes in detail how she prepares herself with her wardrobe and patiently she waits to be approached, hoping that she is ready and able to meet her dancer (The Lord).

She writes "I cannot dance, Lord, unless you lead me. If you want me to leap with abandon, you must intone the song. Then I shall leap into love."

This beautiful image shows her vulnerability and willingness to trust and to be led.  These readings  brought to my attention my own inner struggles and desire to be able to follow and the willingness to take the risk to leap into that mystery of ardent love.

Thank you, Sister Mechthild for confirming that my feelings are genuine and true.

Sue O'Brien
Associate of Wisdom