Friday, September 6, 2013

To Live Out What I Am

During a study day reading the texts of three Medieval Beguines, I was impressed with the writings of Hadewijch of Antwerp. Her passion was to pursue Love - to "live out what I am." This love was joy, but it also contained suffering from being absent from, yet seeking, Love... which knows God most deeply in Wisdom.

This writing disrupts the hierarchical dualities of the values of her time.

It searches for another way, in a little known spirituality, to escape boundaries imposed by some Church authorities at the time. This mystical voice of protest is phrased in this way by Dorothea Soelle in her work, "The Silent Cry:"
Now in acting as what I am, I find delight that gives me love and new ascent. It weighs me down that I cannot obtain Knowledge of Love without renouncing myself.

~ Bonnie Odiorne, Associate of Wisdom