Sunday, December 29, 2013

Going Home

The words of the well-known Christmas song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” are familiar to all of us.

The reality and mystery of Christmas is about leaving home to find a home.

During this Christmas season we follow Mary and Joseph as they leave their home to go to Bethlehem. There in the city known as the “House of Bread,” their child Jesus is born.

There in a stable which housed livestock, the Living Word babbled like every other baby. There the Word of God took our humanity and made his home among us – inside the same flesh and blood that make us who we are.

Because of him the shepherds leave their flocks to follow the invitation of the angels,  Wise Men do not return to their homeland but follow the promise of a star, and Mary and Joseph take flight into Egypt so that their baby can be saved from harm.

This Christmas let us not be afraid to leave what is comfortable and to stretch out into unfamiliar terrain to find God still living among us – still making a home among us in unfamiliar faces and the most unlikely places.

~ Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP