Monday, August 11, 2014

Daughters of Wisdom in Litchfield – Since 1949 – Part II

In 1967, the Province informed the Archbishop of Hartford, Connecticut that the ministry of formation was evolving into a ministry of retreats and spiritual renewal for religious as well as for laity.  While this expanded the original inspiration of the center, it also expanded the possibilities for furthering the charism of Wisdom and the inspiration of our Founders by liberating these for new life in the arena of the world. 
The first interfaith retreat was a Buddhist meditation retreat.  The “tent” was widening as the center was evolving. Over the years, the name changed from Mary Immaculate Novitiate to Montfort House of Renewal and, in 1981, the center was renamed Wisdom House.
In 1990 another surge in the retreat center’s evolutionary process began with the collaboration of Sisters Rosemarie Greco, DW and Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP.  Wisdom House benefitted from this intercongregational model along with the lay staff. This included increased interfaith retreats and programs in spirituality, education, and the arts and the opening of the Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery in 1994. 

Attention to global issues influenced the inclusion of environmental sustainability awareness and conferences on those topics affecting the poor and the cosmos at large.  Icons of 20th century American martyr Sister Mary Antoinette, DW and of co-founder Marie Louise Trichet were commissioned and are now enshrined in the chapel at Wisdom House.

Wisdom House