Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writers' Reflections on the "New Beginnings" Weekend

"This weekend was given as a gift from my husband. It was such a beautiful escape into a meditative, spiritual space - perfect spot to feed myself, my soul, and who I am as a writer."

~ Alice Schuette 

"Davyne is a very engaging teacher. She shares her devotion to the writing life and its potential for illumination and personal transformation."

~ Carol Zahn

"As an award-winning copywriter writer for 36 years, I thought I knew all the tricks of the trade, but I was spinning my wheels when it came to writing creatively for myself. Especially daunting was the idea of working in long form, such as a memoir or novel. Davyne, in one short brilliant weekend, has given me the keys to the kingdom for this dream.
She is on intimate terms with the toolbox necessary for building ideas into fleshed-out sketches and then fully realized work.
A writer's writer and master teacher is she!"

~ Deirdre Morro James

Wisdom House