Friday, July 15, 2016

The Innocents

Playing at the Bantam Cinema now is THE INNOCENTS, a powerful, beautifully directed film depicting the true events that occurred when Russian soldiers raped nuns at a convent in Poland at the end of WWII. The story includes the magnificent French doctor, Mathilde, who comes to their rescue. The story is based on the diary kept by this woman doctor.

THE INNOCENTS dares to expound on such important topics as the nature of belief, the vileness of war, the meaning of morality, and the complications of balancing strongly held religious beliefs with the realities of a fallible, cruel world.

It is a rare war drama directed by a woman, Anne Fontaine, and starring women, including Agata Kulesza, who was so great in the film, IDA.  This film follows the French doctor, a nonbeliever herself, who goes through incredible obstacles and difficult circumstances to help the nuns, and who learns a great deal about herself in the process.  

It took a tragedy to bring the community of nuns to a fuller life and have them understand their call more deeply.  We recommend this challenging story of brave and flawed people still maturing and still learning how to love.

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