Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Geologist's Reflections

I have been to Wisdom House three times to participate in a writing retreat titled, "Geoscience Academics in the Northeast." We are a small group of 15-20 female geologists who come to work and support each other in a discipline that is traditionally underrepresented with respect to women.

Wisdom House provides the perfect location to work productively, whether quietly writing on the sun porch, or holding a discussion with a colleague on the bench overlooking the labyrinth, all the time knowing we will be given hearty meals to sustain us in between times.

Last year while at the retreat, I worked on a publication I needed to complete before going up for tenure at my institution. I wrote consistently until I had a solid manuscript ready for submission.

That paper was published the same month I went up for tenure.  I'm pleased to say that I am now a tenured Associate Professor at the University of San Diego. I return to Wisdom House as often as I can to continue working on my research and to spend time with my fellow geology colleagues.

Beth O'Shea