Saturday, February 18, 2017

Author Carol Berry

Author Carol Berry, adjunct staff at Wisdom House for art and spirituality, is one of the featured writers in the recent issue of PARABOLA magazine. She has written an article titled: “The Urge to Create,” which focuses on how Vincent Van Gogh seemingly failed in his role to be a Protestant missionary among coal miners in Belgium in the 19th Century, but eventually emerged from this time of despair by paying attention to “that light within his soul, a vital spark – the urge to create.”

From June 3-5, 2017, Carol will give a retreat weekend at Wisdom House on the influence of Van Gogh on the famous 20th Century spiritual writer, Henri Nouwen.

Visit our website for details about this program. Carol’s book, Vincent Van Gogh: His Spiritual Vision in Life and Art, is available in Wisdom House Book Store.