Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Treasure It? Or, Toss It?

Some of hardest things to part with are meaningful momentos. Whether trying to downsize or re-organize, there comes a point where accumulating more and more of these items gets impossible to manage!  By attending “Inheriting Clutter / Treasures” at Wisdom House on Saturday, April 22 (9:30 am-3:00 pm), you’ll learn ways to make your decisions to treasure them or toss them.

In this program, there will be discussion on how to determine what personal items are worth keeping and which to discard. For the items you want to keep, suggestions on ways to store them will be offered.

Presenting the workshop will be Susan Lovallo, a professional organizer, CPA, and founder of Clutter Solutions.  

The cost for the program is $50 per person and includes lunch.  
To register click on: Wisdom House Retreat Portal.

For more information,
call:  860-567-3163